Have you ever wondered why Snapchat does not show followers?

News 08:06 June 2020:

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If you are keen enough you will realize that they always show a score instead.  People are always wary of using anything new and are always cautious when entering such.  But one thing that people have found to work if you are looking for snapchat followers is to take a photo of the Snapcode.   If you are able to take a photo ensure that you go ahead and have it uploaded in the “Add friends” session.  Through such a formula you will be able to have followers or friends as you might wish to call them.

Another simpler and easy way of knowing your followers which is rarely used is to open your Snapchat page or application whatever you wish to call it.  Scroll down and check on those who added you through then you will be able to effectively see those who followed you.   Simply tap your finger on added me and you will be sure to see the full list of those who are following me.  To ad them as friends simply tap the + icon. It is not rocket science as most people are making seem to be.  If you are able to handle things correctly and in the right way, you will be sure to know your followers.