3 Ways of Marketing To Periscope Followers

News 08:06 June 2020:

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Similar to other social media platforms, top marketing brands are utilizing their enormous numbers of periscope followers to market and engage their potential markets. All process begins at creating the page and looking for more followers. The process can be hectic to new business trying to explore this type of platform. That is why it is good to follow existing ones to explore on various ways they reach their customers. Look at the following ways on how top brands are utilizing marketing on the periscope.

Celebrity takeover; this is where brand ambassadors are used for live broadcast to the company’s periscope followers. Many will come to view their celeb and in the process learn of what he or she is trying to communicate.

Behind the scenes; the platform can be used to showcase their culture and what goes on away from the public eye as they try to sell their products and engage their customers. This makes their clients feel to be part of the company ideals and fully involved in their plans.

Q & A sessions; the platform is perfect for a live question and answers sessions between the enterprise and its customers. This is because of the dedicated team on a 24-hour basis that ensures instant feedback on raised issues