Being Liked Matters: The Value of Twitter Likes

News 09:06 June 2020:

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No matter where we go and what we do in life, there is the inherent desire to be liked. From building new friendships to starting new jobs to meeting strangers on the street, there is an inherent need for us to want and feel completely liked and appreciated. The same desire extends into the mode of technologies that we use to communicate as well. As individuals with accounts set up on social media, whether individual or business related, finding the response to be positive is exciting and can really boost our perception and momentum. In many social media platforms, this response is seen as congruent with the number of likes that are achieved.

Therefore, if you want to see how people feel about your page and what you post then, consider likes as the way to achieve this. Whether you are on Facebook or striving for Twitter likes there is value and a signal being made with each. You should, therefore, strive to garner as many as you can. This can take time and will be an involved process if done correctly and it also may actually involve payment for or purchasing of this feedback. Regardless, it is an important and often undervalued part of building a page and a following on Twitter.