What is the best social media site for aspiring musicians?

News 09:06 June 2020:

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There has been great debate over different platforms for social media over the last year. For those who are serious about making it big in the music industry, SoundCloud is definitely the best site for music media. The music industry is more competitive than ever so making sure one’s music is heard is a key point in rising to success.

Once an artist has created a SoundCloud profile, they can than upload music and start accumulating SoundCloud Likes for individual songs, which will increase their visibility as a serious artist. And once the Likes start adding up, they will accrue more SoundCloud Followers. A solid fan base will help establish them in the music biz and will help generate more tours, increase merchandise sales, and send them to the top of the charts!

There is absolutely no charge for a basic profile, but there are different tiers of service available at affordable rates for those who wish to upload a larger amount of content. The site is user-friendly and a great place to network with fellow musicians.

So why delay? Head over to SoundCloud now. It only takes a few minutes to begin the rise to fame and fortune!